So, you want to have a reunion...
You've looked at the calendar and realized that it's time to plan your next reunion. Great! You're about to embark on an extremely fun, but unfamiliar, journey. Where do you turn? What comes next?
Don't worry - you're not alone. We understand that it's not every day that you plan your high school reunion (and if it is, you went to high school far too many times). To help you on your way, we've assembled some of the more common questions facing a reunion committee. Have a look and put some nagging fears at ease. If you can't find an answer below to your questions, you can always contact us at
Just look through the categories below, have fun, and remember - we're here to help.

This is what reunions are all about...

Getting Started
It always seems like getting started is the hardest part of any project...
Why hire a professional planner?
How do we get started?
What does a reunion committee do?
How much does using a professional planner cost?
If you're located in Colorado, how do you do reunions in other areas?

Why hire a professional planner?
To read one person's account, click here.

Do you really want to sacrifice ALL your time planning your reunion? We applaud your dedication, but trust us, it's always nice to plan a party - and then actually get to have fun at that party. Below is a list of what a professional planner can do for you:
Comprehensive Services
  • Locating classmates
  • Coordinating all facilities, entertainment & catering services
  • Handling all accounting, record keeping & deposits
  • Preparing, printing & mailing all correspondence to classmates
  • Producing a Memory Book for the class
  • Arranging for a group photo to be taken at the reunion
  • Staffing the reunion at all evening events
  • Working with internet web sites to raise reunion awareness and distribute event information to classmates
  • Credit card processing
  • And much more!
As an industry leader, we have been a member of the National Association of Reunion Managers (NARM) giving us a professional edge. Having served on the board of directors, we have had the opportunity to network with others from across the country and thus we promote the highest level of ethics within the industry.
Freedom to Party
This is the best reason we can think of for hiring a professional. We've planned thousands (and we're not exagerrating!) of reunions - so we know what to expect. We deal with the caterers, the hotels, the entertainment, etc., leaving you free to try and figure out who in your class probably ended up in jail somewhere.
How do we get started?
The very first step in planning a reunion is to form a reunion committee. This group of classmates represents the class in the decision-making during the planning process. A reunion committee sometimes consists of former class officers, but obviously anyone interested in helping and getting the ball rolling can be on the committee.
If you're interested in learning more about how Reunions Unlimited can help you plan your reunion, the best thing to do is contact us. One of our planners will be happy to spend time with you to explain our function and the steps taken to ensure you get the reunion YOU want with the minimal amount of difficulty.
What does a reunion committee do to help plan?
Basically, you can do as much or as little as you want. The committee has the fun task of making all the final decisions for the reunion - finalizing all announcement styles, approving menu and final details, and staying connected with the planning process at all times. After all, this is YOUR reunion. You know your class and what they like to do. Our job is to help you produce the reunion YOU want.
How much does using a professional planner cost?
If it's a reputable planner, there is NO upfront cost to the committee, and therefore no out-of-pocket expense. Reunions Unlimited does not charge the committee for the planning of the reunion. We add in the cost of food, venue, postage, and research to the ticket price - which spreads the cost of putting on the reunion throughout the entire class.
If you're located in Colorado, how do you do reunions in other areas?
Although we are headquartered in Colorado, we have planners in other parts of the country, including Dallas, Chicago and Phoenix. These planners have established relationships with vendors in their areas, and are knowledgeable and willing to help you plan your reunion. All registration, research, accounting and record keeping is done at our Colorado headquarters, thereby ensuring that your reunion will be handled with the same expert professionalism whether you are in Littleton, CO or Grapevine, TX.

Friends don't let friends dance drunk...

Working With You
OK, so you've decided to sign with us - wonderful!!! But now what?
What happens after the committee signs the agreement?
What do you need from the committee?
How do you find all of our classmates?
How many people typically attend a reunion?
Who works the reunion?

What happens after the committee signs the agreement?
Reunions Unlimited immediately gets started on the planning process. Depending on where the reunion committee is in the planning process, we either suggest venues or dates or take your existing ideas and put together an initial outline for the weekend's events. Simultaneously, Reunions Unlimited begins hunting down your classmates. Throughout the entire planning process, Reunions Unlimited is there to guide - not dictate - the reunion committee's vision.
What do you need from the committee?
The main thing we ask the committee to provide us with is the official commencement list, or any school-produced list of classmates that includes middle names. We use these names as the starting point for our research. Other items we request from committees include any addresses they might have and, if we did not plan any of their prior reunions, old research, memory books and/or directories that might have been distributed from the past reunions. The more information we have on classmates, the more we will locate - it's that simple.
How do you find all of our classmates?
Well, every morning our research department gets out the crystal ball, and... Oh, you're not going to believe that? Okay, fine. Here's the boring technical version then. Even in this "enlightened" age of computers, it's terribly difficult to find everyone in your graduating class on your own. Reunions Unlimited has access to public and private databases, and our staff is skilled in hunting down those thought to be missing. We know how and where to look - and we're willing to devote the significant time required for the task. We have a very high success rate - between 80-90% located - and we will make sure we look for each and every one of your classmates. (See? Wasn't the crystal ball story more interesting?)
How many people typically attend a reunion?
Attendance numbers are affected by a variety of factors, but the typical attendance ranges anywhere from 25% up to 50%. Obviously, the more people you find, the better your attendance will be. That's why we work so hard on locating your classmates.
Who works the reunion?
Reunions Unlimited staffs Friday and/or Saturday night of your reunion, leaving you free to enjoy your reunion as a guest - not as a worker. You get to sit back and relax as we take care of everything. Reminisce with your classmates about how geeky your math teacher was and feel free to party down. You've earned it!



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